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Classic model in leather that improves ball touch and resistance. The toe is designed with high quality microfiber and it incorporates a piece to increase the strike. Incorporating VTS ventilation system that lets the air pass, maintaining a constant temperature of the foot. PROTECTION technology in the toe for better resistance and stability when striking.
Termoformed EVA insole for a perfect fit, promoting cushioning and thus absorbing shock. Texon midsole.
A piece of EVA is incorporated into the interior of the midsole, providing cushioning on the back.
Outsole manufactured with DURABILITY technology and made of very resistant, high quality rubber, preventing wear and lengthening the life of the shoe. Complemented with FLEXO system and flexion lines located ergonomically in the sole to offer better transition from the heel to the toe in each step. In the heel, only the flexion of the sole is allowed, which provides a better grip and a more natural and flexible foot strike. ROTATION technology, a geometric structure located in the sole, facilitates rotation. Prevents knee and ankle injuries.
The TURF PHYLON 2015 outsole is made of molded Phylon of 45 Shora. Divided into two densities, soft in the toe and harder in the central part. Incorporating PULSOR system for better cushioning. The gel pieces absorb shock and improve the impact of the foot strike.

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