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Manufactured to provide high performance, combining flexibility with fit and stability. It is flexible until the moment you need it to be stable.
the structure is made of very flexible leather of the highest quality. Integral nylon inside of high quality and resistance. It incorporates PROTECTION technology in the toe to reinforce resistance and stability for tough wears.
The inner sole is made of natural EVA to improve cushioning by absorbing the impact of the step. The pre-molded EVA sole conforms to the surface of the foot
Sole manufactured with DURABILITY technology that thanks to its high-strength rubber delays abrasion wears, extends the life of the shoe. The sole has a system of flex lines, FLEXO technology, which are ergonomically designed to give the best transition from heel to toe in each step. In the heel it allows the flexion to occur only in the sole, without affecting the structure which provides better support and allows a more natural and comfortable footprint. With ROTATION system, a geometric structure located on the sole that facilitates rotational turns, the shoe prevents injuries mainly of the knee and ankle.


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Shoe Size

Size US 10, Size US 11, Size US 11 ½, Size US 12, Size US 6, Size US 6 ½, Size US 7, Size US 8, Size US 8 ½, Size US 9, Size US 9 ½, Size US-10 ½