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  • 8 different training functions
  • Agility poles, slalom poles, hurdles, cones, head tennis net, passing gates, training goal
  • Patented design
  • Make a 20m pitch side barrier
  • Quality carry bag
  • Patented design
Multi-use training set

Give yourself countless training options with this pro speed and agility training set. The set comes complete with 10 agility poles, 20 slotted cones, 5 bungee cords and a free carry bag, which together can be used to create countless training scenarios.

Create 10 hurdles

You can use the 20 cones and 10 agility poles together to create your training hurdles, ideal for footwork and speed off the mark. The slotted cone design means that these cones compress when trod on to avoid damage.

Slalom poles

Create a course for players to slalom around, with or without the ball. They can also be used for practice goal posts.

Bungee cords + poles – crowd barriers / football tennis / jump / duck nets

Combining the bungees with the poles allows you options such as creating a crowd barrier during matches. You can also create nets to practice football tennis, and create training scenarios where players have to duck / jump the cord.

Great visibility

The bright neon colour makes these training sets easy to see in all weather conditions. Perfect for training for football, rugby, hockey and more.

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